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Another Face ..... Of Multiple Myeloma-     

                     Book Excerpt

What is Multiple Myeloma?

My first reaction when I was first diagnosed was “What the heck is multiple myeloma?”  But I also knew that anything ending in “oma” or “mia” might be cancer.

The definition of “multiple myeloma” cancer varies according to which source and physician you consult.  Some refer to this cancer as a “blood” cancer, whereas others say this is a cancer of the plasma cells and bone marrow.  It can be, and is quite confusing, but this is why it is so important to do background research to get a true understanding of how your diagnosis affects your body, and how to control the outcome. Following are definitions of multiple myeloma from other, well-respected sources.....​​ 

Support System

As I write this on September 4, 2008, there are only two people who are aware of the state of my health. 
When I was first notified that I had high protein levels, only six people were aware that I was having testing performed. It is slightly unsettling that not one called me to follow-up on my results. In all fairness however, after my bone marrow procedure I wasn’t in the frame of mind to give a blow-by-blow synopsis of what I had to endure.  This was not a subject I wanted to share with everyone.

So one reason for writing this book is just plain ol’ catharsis.  No one in my circle can truly understand my woes and travails, despite a few who have experienced their own bouts of illness. There is something about the “C” word that isolates you into your own bubble.......

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