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                      Press mentions on my journey.


I never thought I would get to this point of sharing my story, but I suppose with the debut of the book and social media, the time has come :)

I would like to mention for those who want another outlook on your recent diagnosis, just know it's okay to be angry and confused, but it's more important to start living and changing your recent outlook with positive reassessment. I'm a strong believer of being a powerful advocate of your health. It's time to ask questions and make decisions accordingly. 

Buy Melanin 2021


The Myeloma Team Podcast- Co Host along with Kenny Capps


IMF- International Myeloma Foundation


Myeloma Beacon




Coping Magazine Feature 2014


Black Doctor. Org 2015


Houston Style Magazine 2016


Myeloma Crowd 2017


Patient Power 2017


Health Union Blood Cancer 2018/2019


Cancer Health 2019










multiple myeloma Yolanda Brunson.jpg
Multiple Myeloma Yolanda Brunson Cancer
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