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                                               Mad About Myeloma Book Reviews-


This book was inspiring ,informative ,highly personal,brought 4 copies for friends an family excellent read highly recommend....young writer is amazing to share her journey.

                                                                                                         Customer Review


At a young age in her adult years, Yolanda, is faced with a terminal cancer.  A cancer that takes many shapes and forms.  She talks about her unique situation.  You may know someone that has this disease.  Yolanda shares her feelings, questions, and knowledge she has acquired about the disease and life itself.  This book will challenge you to educate yourself on living with Multiple Myeloma or caring for someone with Multiple Myeloma.  This obscure cancer affects many but unfortunately, many are not aware of it until they break a bone that does not heal, or have irregular urine or blood test show possible indication of the disease.  Learn from Yolanda and the many references she refers you too.  Thanks Yolanda for sharing your story.


                                                                                                              Brenda A. Jenkins Patient  and Advocate Living with 

                                                                                                              Multiple Myeloma                                                   

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