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Normalcy and Myeloma Remission.... May 2017

A cancer survivor understands the importance of hearing the word “remission”. The word “remission” is fitting for the struggle in fighting and surviving. For many, getting to this point of beating your cancer is a wonderful moment. Read More

Affording Multiple Myeloma.... Feb 2017

Sometimes patients can feel like cancer opens the doors for pharmaceutical industries to not only treat these diseases and help extend life, but make a lot of money in doing so.  We’re thrilled with advances in treating the very complex cancer, multiple myeloma. Read More

Is Cleaning Good for Your Health.... Oct 2017

Have you looked over at the pile of old paper and sink full of dishes and said “Enough is enough. I don’t want to be bothered’? If so, you’re not alone. Everyone has some degree of household chores, but when we are exposed to daily, weekly, monthly treatment- let’s face it many of us are pooped! Read More

Can One Doctor Mange Your Myeloma?.... May 2017

Managing your myeloma diagnosis can be one of the most stressful day-to-day experience to deal with, whether the treatment appointments, follow-up, and labs; it can be trying. Read More

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